A Day on Middle Caicos

P1020119cave1 _MG_5618  Middle Caicos, the Largest of the Turks & Caicos Islands is truly magnificent and spectacular. A day trip includes an unexpected attraction to the Caribbean’s largest cave system. That was once a safe haven for the lucayan Indians; excavations of the multi-layered caverns have revealed bones of large tortoises, extinct birds, huge iguanas, pottery and other artifacts.

Bambarra BeachDSC06464

A day on Middle Caicos also includes beach time at Mudjin Harbour, one of the country’s most breathtaking sights, this marvelous lagoon is ideal for sun bathing, snorkeling, strolling and a touch of romance. Also unique here are two well marked hiking trails. Crossing Place Trail that originally linked Middle Caicos to North Caicos and Haul over Field Road follows a crumbling limestone wall to the ruins of Lorimer’s Plantation building and viewing platform where you can see East Caicos Flamingo Hill.

At lunch time you can enjoy fresh fish, lobster and other Island specialties served in a beautiful setting on the beach at Denny Café. This is an Island experience not to be missed.

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