• Bottle Creek
  • Sandy Point
  • Beaches of North Caicos
  • Wides Green Plantation, Historical Site
  • Cottage Pond, NORTH CAICOS
  • North Caicos Flamingos
  • Wides Green Plantation

A Day on North Caicos

Experience the slow-paced and gentle life on North Caicos, its peaceful silence broken only by the voice of nature… a splash of wave on a deserted beach, the wind’s whisper through a pine, and the gobble of a Cuban crow.



_MG_5440Freshwater ponds dot the landscape and flamingos and other rare birds make their nests in the protected wetlands. A tour around the Island’s settlements of Sandy Point, Kew, Whitby, Major Hill and Bottle Creek can be taken on the smooth paved traffic-free roads. Besides a trip to the exotic flocks at Flamingo Pond, you can tour the haunting and well preserved Loyalist plantations ruins at Wade’s Green or gaze into the depths of Cottage Pond, a submerged sinkhole that connects to the ocean local cave divers have mapped to a depth of 255 feet. At Bottle Creek, a center of fishing, local boat building and hand craft work you can see ancestral homes made of “tabby wall” some are still occupied.

aa _MG_0263DSC00833South to Ready Money you can view miles of virgin forest including the tallest Caribbean pines in the Islands. A tour around Ready Money Garden a field plot of tropical fruits including bananas, papayas, sapodillas, sugar apples and sugar canes is a step back into the joy of natural beauty and tranquility to the first time visitors.

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Shopping on North Caicos

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During your FUN day on NORTH CAICOS, STOP IN and Visit the following for your local souvenirs.

  • Victoria Gift Shop
  • Straw Market

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